How to make a complaint?


The framework of HICOM CARE’s feedback system is based on five levels of feedback information:

  • Level 1: Compliment or positive Feedback. Comments are positive about the service and or employee and aim to reinforce continuing good service.
  • Level 2: General Comment about the service, or requests for information or clarification. Comments may be either positive or negative or may be suggestions for improvement.
  • Level 3: Criticism or dissatisfaction about the service received, particularly where there is dissonance between the expressed need of the participant and the service delivered.
  • Level 4: Concern or serious objection about the service delivery, where there is a high level of dissatisfaction or a specific grievance.
  • Level 5: Complaint about serious breaches of the service contract, or of rights, policy, or the legislative responsibilities of the service (for example, Anti-discrimination legislation etc.)

By giving feedback, even if it is a complaint, you are helping us improve our service.
Understand about Feedbacks and Complaints: Feedback and complaint (easy read)

5 Methods to give a feedback and/or make a complaint to HiCom Care:


Complaint to NDIS:

Complaint publicly:

HiCom has public profiles that participants or patients can always complain online and other clients will be able to see the complaints. This pressures HiCom to continue improving the services and also to listen the participants and their feelings about our services.